Josh Altman

Josh is glad Heather stood up for herself -- and women everywhere.

on Jul 25, 2012

Wow. . .that was the quite the action packed episode. I'm not sure which was more exciting to watch, the awesome negotiation scene I had or the big confrontation with Madison!

Let's start with the Orlando Scandrick deal. I think what you need to take away from this is that not every deal is going to be easy. You have to have tough skin to be in real estate, but if you stick it through, success is that much sweeter. Once again I treated my clients money like it was my own and got them the house $100K less than they would have spent. People ask me all the time what are some of my keys to success. Well, that's one of them! You save your client money and they will always come back to you. I was very excited about closing that deal and that's another closed sale in the books for me! In fact to date, in 2012 I am about to pass the $100 million sales mark!!!

On the other hand let's talk about the other two agents that are having really tough years trying to sell properties. I'll start with Flagg. The house he was trying to sell we all knew was going to be a tough uphill battle. I am not surprised he went after the lease. At least he made a little money for his time. The scene with Flagg and the kid was funny but not nearly as funny as his Bar Mitzvah video. I literary fell on the floor laughing when I saw that. Flagg has over $250K in coins??

Madison co-listed again as his secret weapon to get the listing. Not surprised that he needed another agent to help him get a listing. The house was beautiful and the builder did a good job. We'll have to wait another episode to see if Madison finally gets his first sale in LA of the season.