Josh Altman

Josh explains his reasoning behind taking the cash offer and wonders when Josh Flagg is going to sell something.

on Jun 27, 2012

I'm going to make this quick today due to lots of work. I'm closing two more escrows this month, which will bring me over 90 million in sales for 2012 so far, and on my way to a charity event to support an amazing cause!

1: If your curious why I pushed that lower offer so hard for Tim and Tom, it's because I have a real estate finance background. After seeing the all cash offer's financials, the numbers didn't add up and they would not have ever obtained a loan -- so I saved my clients a lot of headache.

2: That was definitely the first time I walked out of a listing appointment and hopefully the last LOL. It was a bad move. Do you think I can get the listing back? Do you think I will sell it?