Cast Blog: #MDLLA

I Sell the Dream

Josh: There Are Always Going to Be Mistakes

James: This Was the Ultimate Opportunity

David: Arguments Help Us Communicate

Josh: Real Estate Is About Relationships

Josh: Talk About a Fast Deal

James: We Had to Pull a Rabbit Out of a Hat

David: Finding the Right Listing Seemed Laughable

Josh: We Just Raised the Bar

James: We Work Best As a Team

David: This Deal Took Some Creativity

Josh: It's All About Who You Know

Josh: I Treat Clients' Money Like It's My Own

James: I Always Make Time for Family

David Spray Tans for Success

James and David Only Care About Commission

Josh on His Client's Disappearing Act

James and David: Unstoppable Team, Great Fashion Sense

David: He Who Takes the Risk, Gets the Listing

Josh: This is the Most Exciting Season Yet

Josh: You've Got to Point Out the Positives

James on Altman's Unprofessional Behavior

David Loves His Hounds!

Josh: I Could See Right Through Ryan

Josh: "Who Books a Venue a Year in Advance?

James Loses a Sale to Cupid

David Learned a Valuable Lesson

Josh Can't Risk "Holding" a Property

Josh: Altman Will Do Anything to Get a Listing

David: I Respect Tomer's Need for the Number 7

James' Secret to Elevating Interest

Josh on the Golden Wheelchair

James: Altman Lacks Respect and Etiquette

Mauricio's Vote of Confidence

Josh: I Couldn't Get Mad at Heather

Josh: I'd Be Happy to Mentor The Spice Girls

James: My Wife and Children are My Life

David: James and I Have Our Blow Ups

Josh Flagg's Record-Breaking Deal

What David Loves About Real Estate

James: Kristoffer Put Us Through the Ringer

I Sell the Dream

Josh discusses his new single and his dual listings in Beverly Hills.

I would like to take a moment to bring awareness to a charity that is close to my family and I, Wounded Warriors Project, which helps aid injured service members. To help raise money for WWP, I recorded a spoof rap song called "I Sell The Dream." The song and ringtone are available for purchase on and 100 percent of the proceeds will benefit WWP. Hope you enjoy the song and video and download to help a great cause and support our vets!

I can't believe how quickly this season went! I'm very excited for the finale next week! As you saw, I had a realtor's dream this episode! I had a client with not only one but two great homes on the same street. Deb is a very savvy real estate investor. I love dealing with people like her because they understand when and at what price to sell. Watching that open house with Mikey and I made me sweat through my suit again! It was so hot and exhausting running back and forth. FYI. . .I also sold Deb's modern home off the show too!

The conversation between Flagg and Edith may have been the funniest thing I have ever seen! I love the community in Rancho Santa Fe where Flagg listed the property. In fact I have the highest listing in that community for $9 million right now.


Losing a dog is like losing a family member. I can only imagine how difficult it must be because I have two dogs, Diego and Lucky, and can't imagine life without them. Heather and I felt terrible when we heard the news because we knew how close Madison was with his dog. Plus Heather had lost her dog of 16 years just two years ago when her and I first started dating and it was one of the hardest things to go through.

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