Josh Altman

Josh discusses his new single and his dual listings in Beverly Hills.

on Aug 8, 2012

I would like to take a moment to bring awareness to a charity that is close to my family and I, Wounded Warriors Project, which helps aid injured service members. To help raise money for WWP, I recorded a spoof rap song called "I Sell The Dream." The song and ringtone are available for purchase on and 100 percent of the proceeds will benefit WWP. Hope you enjoy the song and video and download to help a great cause and support our vets!

I can't believe how quickly this season went! I'm very excited for the finale next week! As you saw, I had a realtor's dream this episode! I had a client with not only one but two great homes on the same street. Deb is a very savvy real estate investor. I love dealing with people like her because they understand when and at what price to sell. Watching that open house with Mikey and I made me sweat through my suit again! It was so hot and exhausting running back and forth. FYI. . .I also sold Deb's modern home off the show too!