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Million Dollar Leasing

Josh wonders if Madison is ever going to sell a house this season.

A huge part of my clientele consists of professional athletes. I've sold homes to some of the biggest names in sports, and I love working with them. I used to be a field goal kicker for Syracuse University and it brings back amazing memories hanging out with some of these athletes.

Orlando Scandrick in football is like me in real estate -- young and at the top of his game. Looking at houses isn't for everyone. I could look at them all day, while other people like Orlando could care less. That's why we have business managers, to run certain aspects of our financial life. When dealing with celebrities and athletes I typically deal with their business managers just as much as I do with them. (Agents take notes.) Jamie is one of the top business managers in the business and he deals with some amazing athletes -- another Syracuse graduate on top of his game. He was a pleasure to work with and since then have continued our business relationship.

I think Flagg is really an 80 year old stuck in a young man's body. The house Flagg listed was absolutely ridiculous. Talk about over-built. It looks like a spaceship landed on that street. That is going to be a very difficult sale for him. You never want to be the most expensive house on the block.

At Flagg's party at his property I asked if it was a tear down LOL.

Madison once again leases a house. Maybe Madison should be on a show called Million Dollar LEASING. . .Or better yet looks like he should be an artist instead of a realtor, seeing that he has plenty of time on his hands to go paint. Once again I feel bad for his clients -- if he has any left. Everyone knows Heather ran Madison's entire company and that's clearly obvious due to Madison's lack of sales. He still has only sold one house this season and it was just for a referral fee.

Josh's circus open looks to be an interesting one with lots of drama. Can't wait till next week.

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James: This Was the Ultimate Opportunity

James Harris talks the Laguna Beach listing and why he's excited for the future.

Wow! What an incredible journey from start to finish. This season has been nothing else but amazing. David and I have learned a tremendous amount about our business, our competitors, and the goals we have ahead of us. I can personally say that I have never been happier. I am beyond blessed to have my incredible family by my side, our business is booming, and there is so much on the horizon. There is no better way to wake up than knowing that you are excited about what your day has to offer. I remain positive each day, and no matter what obstacles we come up against, we remain positive and overcome them. 

Listing a home of such magnitude in Laguna Beach was the ultimate opportunity for David and me. As you saw in the episode, it’s no easy task entering a new market, especially one as community-oriented as Laguna. You really have to know someone to be brought in, and our international connections and track record make us desirable to work with. However, working with a client who doesn’t necessarily need to sell comes with challenges. There would be very little room to negotiate with the asking price, and therefore I felt a world class marketing strategy was essential in reaching the perfect buyer. I suppose I was also wary of the fact that the local brokers in Laguna seemed hesitant to work with us! 

We definitely took a sigh of relief when we saw Madison walk up to the door. While this home wasn’t the right fit for his clients, we look forward to crossover business with Madison, as #BondStPartners expands into more beach cities. Closing the deal on this Laguna Beach property not only proved our worth but also secured my confidence in our future. While David and I have our moments of disagreement, we have the same values and vision. We were on the same page completely about foregoing $100,000 of our commission to make the sale happen. With David as my partner and my beautiful family by my side, I’m excited for what the future holds. 

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