Josh Altman

Josh Altman explains why he confronted Madison and what he thinks of the Heather situation.

on Aug 1, 2012

Great episode. I had a lot of fun taping this one. My seller John is a very smart man. But when it comes to real estate, I'm smarter. Just because you put money into upgrading an interior of a home, doesn't mean you will get the money back you spent. In my opinion, the only time that it's OK to take an overpriced listing is if you have an agreement to drop the price if you get no action after four weeks. The price reduction meeting in the Rolls Royce was intense. I thought he was going to drop me off in the middle of no where! Ninety-nine percent of the time I can tell what a property will sell for within 100K. And in this case I was right again. That place MOTO ART where the buyer works is amazing. I already bought a several pieces from him.

Let's get to the comical part of the episode. . .Madison's cease and desist letter was a joke, kind of like his negotiation skills. I went to talk to him man to man to put all this past us and once again he walked out with his tail between his legs. Although according to his attorney's letter he was suffering emotional distress. . .LOL!!! Maybe that's why he is not a good realtor, because you need tough skin to make it in this biz. I love how he says that I do the talking for Heather. The truth is he avoids her calls and emails so I need to track him down. And the cease and desist requested Heather to stop contacting him.