Cast Blog: #MDLLA

Heating Up

Josh: There Are Always Going to Be Mistakes

James: This Was the Ultimate Opportunity

David: Arguments Help Us Communicate

Josh: Real Estate Is About Relationships

Josh: Talk About a Fast Deal

James: We Had to Pull a Rabbit Out of a Hat

David: Finding the Right Listing Seemed Laughable

Josh: We Just Raised the Bar

James: We Work Best As a Team

David: This Deal Took Some Creativity

Josh: It's All About Who You Know

Josh: I Treat Clients' Money Like It's My Own

James: I Always Make Time for Family

David Spray Tans for Success

James and David Only Care About Commission

Josh on His Client's Disappearing Act

James and David: Unstoppable Team, Great Fashion Sense

David: He Who Takes the Risk, Gets the Listing

Josh: This is the Most Exciting Season Yet

Josh: You've Got to Point Out the Positives

James on Altman's Unprofessional Behavior

David Loves His Hounds!

Josh: I Could See Right Through Ryan

Josh: "Who Books a Venue a Year in Advance?

James Loses a Sale to Cupid

David Learned a Valuable Lesson

Josh Can't Risk "Holding" a Property

Josh: Altman Will Do Anything to Get a Listing

David: I Respect Tomer's Need for the Number 7

James' Secret to Elevating Interest

Josh on the Golden Wheelchair

James: Altman Lacks Respect and Etiquette

Mauricio's Vote of Confidence

Josh: I Couldn't Get Mad at Heather

Josh: I'd Be Happy to Mentor The Spice Girls

James: My Wife and Children are My Life

David: James and I Have Our Blow Ups

Josh Flagg's Record-Breaking Deal

What David Loves About Real Estate

James: Kristoffer Put Us Through the Ringer

Heating Up

Josh Flagg had no idea his open would be so dramatic.

What a fun episode, and the drama is heating up!

So I listed this house in Santa Monica on Georgina for sale. It is one of the biggest houses on the block, which is not necessarily a huge problem, except that it is the wrong style for the neighborhood. The house is 11,000 square feet of contemporary space in an area that usually commands more traditional homes.

I decided to have a brokers open that would knock everyone's socks off. I did get the turn out I wanted -- however I couldn't predict that inviting heather Josh Altman AND Madison would be a bad idea. I wasn't even really aware that they all wanted to kill one another.

I have a feeling that next week, one of them is going to kill the other.