Madison Hildebrand

Madison defends his decision not to pay Heather and to defend himself at the party.

on Jul 25, 2012

What ensued at this open house was ridiculous. Josh A. was so out of line for encouraging Heather to approach me at the open house to start a public "battle." Her decision to do so shows how controlled she is by Josh A. As far as I am concerned, the two of them are perfect for each other -- each will screw the other, or anyone else, to get attention or a deal closed. As I said in the episode, it looks like I got dragged into the circus with "Looney an Tooney." I apologize for not just walking away from the whole situation right at the beginning, but after the wine was thrown on me I felt I needed to defend myself, which of course, I am entitled to.

The circus-themed background only added to the chaos. . .what a tense evening it was. And the truth be told, I have never owed, nor will I ever owe Heather for any commissions and her accusations are malicious and indicative of her ethics. Josh A.'s final comment as I walk out the door, "You better watch out for your clients as I am coming after them" is absurd. Any realtor would frown on that style and he should be evaluated by the Department of Real Estate for such blatant misuse of our code of ethics.