Madison Hildebrand

Madison just wants the Heather/Josh Altman drama to end.

on Aug 1, 2012

What a crazy episode! Yet again, the drama continues!

But before we get into all that, can we just talk about how beautiful my listing was that sold for $6 million in the Pacific Palisades? That builder is truly talented -- and to think he only does it as a hobby! Wow! I also loved last week's setting of having the listing meeting in the studio interrogation room and making the deal in that studio again! I'm so pleased that the co-listing strategy with Aaron worked. It is not what I would do for every listing because I am certainly capable of selling a property on my own (and Coldwell Banker is definitely the company to do it with), but in this particular situation, the client wanted more. This ended up working out even better as we ended up bringing in our own buyer -- or as we call it, a "double pop."

Only in Beverly Hills would you see a home on Rodeo Drive that tore down all the bedroom walls upstairs and converted it to an illustrious master 1-bedroom home. Bonkers, right?!? Would you pay $2.9 million for that home? I guess Josh F. has a valid point -- it IS on Rodeo Drive.