Josh Altman

Josh Altman shakes off the naysayers who thought he couldn't flip this week's listing for another $2 million.

on Aug 7, 2013

Wow it feels great to be back! 2012 was an incredible time in my career. I ended up selling almost 200 million in sales and was ranked as one of the top 30 realtors in the country by the Wall Street Journal. I'm very excited to see what type of numbers 2013 brings as I have already sold 140 million to date and this upcoming season on MDLLA should be the best by far due to the hot market, low inventory, and even bigger commissions and drama.

The first episode of the season starts right where I left off. . .selling the dream! The house I sold in Episode 1 is one of my favorite homes that I have ever sold.

There were a lot of nay sayers when I re-listed the house almost 2 million over what I sold it for six months earlier, but what most realtors don't understand, is that what separates me from other realtors is that I create the market, not follow the market. This is one of the biggest profits in the shortest amount of time I have ever seen in my career. I got a ton of press off of this sale as it brought the values in the immediate neighborhood to another level. In fact, all the neighbors personally thanked me LOL.