Josh Altman

Josh Altman lets Heather explain how she felt about Madison crashing (and critiquing) her listing with Josh Flagg.

on Oct 9, 2013

M stands for Malice

Hey everybody, this week I thought this episode was great! I thought I would let Heather write the blog. . . 

Hi all, it's Heather Bilyeu. First, I would like to start by apologizing to everyone for being exposed to this silliness of the long and drawn out Heather/Madison saga. I think we are all on the same page that this is old news and we all want to move on Madison! Boring...snooooze!

Madison has clearly not let go from our fall out from over two years ago. I thought we had both moved on and we were in a good space, especially since on our last two meet ups we genuinely (I thought) had heart-to-hearts and hugged it out. BUT apparently not and, sadly, that was just a front on Madison’s end.