Josh Altman

Josh Altman tells you what he thinks you need to know about Madison's business.

on Oct 2, 2013


I wanted to address something that Madison Hildebrand said last week in his blog. Madison claims to have more listings than Josh Flagg and I. I can only speak for myself, so this will only take a minute which is more time than Madison Hildebrand deserves, but I think the public deserves to know the truth.

1. Someone should tell Madison Hildebrand that your success in real estate is measured by your sales, not listings. I know agents that will take listings like Madison Hildebrand just to seem like they have more business. But as any successful salesperson knows, it's what you sell, not what you list.

2. With that being said I must have missed his name in the Wall Street Journal Real Trends Top 1000 agents in the country. I was No. 30 on that list. Madison??? I guess they forgot about you.

3. Why don't you pull up Madison Hildebrand's name on the MLS (and the MLS doesn't lie), in the past six months and see how many sales he has had. . .or should I say leases. . .which any good agent would never count.

4. Everyone knows Josh Flagg is not my favorite, however, if you check the MLS he also outperforms Madison. Wrong again Madison.