Josh Altman

Josh Altman tells you what he thinks you need to know about Madison's business.

on Oct 2, 2013

5. For reference, I've had 19 sales ranging from $700k all the way to $8.8 million in the past six months. Total this year alone $140 million sold.

6. Maybe next time Madison Hildebrand wants to try and flex, he should research his data better as he clearly has no idea what he's doing.

7. No matter how many staff Madison Hildebrand hires, he'll never be able to replace Heather. And everyone knows she ran his business for him when he actually did sell something years ago.

8. Madison is however No. 1 in one category, and that's Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. CONGRATULATIONS Madison Hildebrand! You officially have more time on your hands than the rest of us. While you are busy tweeting 25 times a day, I'm busy working for my clients. . .Good job buddy

I have now spent too much time on this. . .I just felt the public was owed the truth.