Madison Hildebrand

Madison reflects on the amazing year he's had and congratulates his fellow agents on their relationship changes.

on Oct 23, 2013

Wow. And so it is. . .11 homes, one vacation, a new dog, and 12 episodes later -- I can't believe another season has come to an end. (I can't believe I have been filming my life and career for 6 years now!) There's so much to say and so much that can't be put into words, so here it goes. . .

I will start off by thanking all of my clients, but especially Ethan and Lousine for giving my team the opportunity to show them the best spots in Malibu and understand what "The Malibu Life" is truly all about. We found them a beautiful home overlooking one of Malibu's best beaches and we are now selling their former abode in the Hollywood Hills for $1,834,000 (click here to see it).

Also, congratulations are in order for Josh F. and Colton on the purchase of their new home and overcoming the challenges relationships often bring. Congratulations to Josh A. and Heather on their engagement as it was great, and funny to watch Altman be so nervous and fumble his words. As Andy Cohen would say, "Mazel!"