The Golf Cart May Be Safe, But Madison's Not

Madison opens up about his moment with Marcos

"This Thing May Be Safe, But I'm Not!"

Are you kidding? What a fun opportunity to sell this gorgeous land, and for a dear friend, too. Anytime my dog, Maya, gets to attend showings with me the day is better. However, the off-roader, those heels on those agent/women, and the blonde asking for a sex change were all my favs.

This was not an easy deal for everyone involved and clearly my client/friend, Brent, took a financial hit -- I hate when that happens. But he has the right attitude about life and that is what I respect. Life = More than Money.

I also enjoyed watching Marcos and I together on Pt. Dume having a real moment. Those are not easy moments to film and share with the world, but there you have it.

OK. . .can't write much tonight, I am sooooo busy! But love you guys and thanks for tuning in and commenting every week!

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