Josh: Altman Will Do Anything to Get a Listing

Josh Flagg appreciates the Brits' business tactics, but questions Josh Altman's.

Working with clients like Rick and Fran can be a challenge if approached the wrong way. When a husband wants one thing and a wife wants the other, it's always a delicate situation. Especially when it comes to buying a house! So I knew I had to be strategic in showing both Rick and Fran houses. Like always, I aim to please my clients and I did just that with the Readcrest property I found for them. Readcrest is the perfect happy medium, a property that allows Rick to develop a house to his liking and also gives Fran the incredible view that was at the top of her wish list. Oh, and on top of that, I got them an incredible deal! More money for Fran to put into her dream home!

I admire David and James in this episode. They went on a listing appointment that turned out to be for a lease, for one month! They too recognize the importance of relationships in this business, because their client will most likely call them when he is ready to sell.

Not so sure Altman has the same values as we do, he will pretty much do anything to anyone to get a listing, even if it means sending his assistant dressed in a ridiculous construction outfit up to a development site to snoop around. Who knows what other schemes he has up his sleeve?

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