Josh on the Golden Wheelchair

Josh Flagg explains why he went the wheelchair route for his back injury.

Hurting your back is probably one of the worst pains you could experience. You don't know until you go through it. Luckily I had a gold wheelchair to cruise around in -- always have to keep up the style. Did I NEED to be in a wheelchair? No, but was more convenient? Yes. And I do like to be taken care of. Even when I am injured, I still make it a priority to go out with clients and make deals happen. 

This episode you meet my friend Xander, who was looking for a 1031 exchange property. We toured around Venice, a new up and coming area near Santa Monica. The area is full of tech companies, and a great location for an investment property to rent out. I think we found some great income properties, all very close to the beach. In the end, he chose a very modern duplex with the idea of renting them both out so that he could collect monthly rent. He found a great tenant to rent out BOTH properties! Now that's what I call a happy client. Working with friends can sometimes be tricky, but I know how to make a deal work with both the interests of my clients and friends in mind.Now on to Altman. This episode he was his arrogant self. Did he really think it'd be a good gesture to send over a bottle of champagne to David and James? Classless and immature. Heather should lock him out of the house more often. 

Stay tuned for next week's amazing houses and more drama with the boys.

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