David Parnes: Adrian Trusting My Opinion Means Everything

David on the love of his life, Adrian. (Sorry Maxi and Bella!)

This episode was so important to me because of how well it depicted the depth and beauty of my relationship with Adrian. I know that in her heart of hearts she saw that house as ours, and I did too. If she had told me that she wanted to keep it, I would've agreed without question, but the fact that she trusted my opinion on the matter meant everything. Adrian is not only my partner in building this house but my partner in life. As I said to her, the only reason I would ever consider selling the house would be to build a better future for us and our family. Once Adrian was reassured in my intentions, she felt safe to trust me in such a wonderful and supportive way. I appreciate her security in my ability to secure a fruitful future for the two of us. This is the definition of why she is the love of my life, and I couldn't feel more grateful. 

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