David Parnes: We Have an Emotional Attachment to This Property.

David talks about the struggle between deciding to sell or move into his dream home.

Such a mix of emotions for me in this episode. While I completely see James’ side, because it’s nearly impossible for us not to view properties objectively anymore, but I also agree with Adrian. We have an emotional attachment to this property. This is where we see our future. I can already envision Maxi and Bella and our newest addition, little Apoosh, playing together while Adrian and I are there. Down the line, we see expanding our family beyond just our fur babies, as well, and this is the home we plan to do that in. It’s too hard to walk away from a place that holds so much emotional stock. James is right, making $1 million would be an incredible investment in our future, but it would be a different sort of investment. Perhaps if Adrian weren’t so attached to this place, I might consider selling. But, for now, I have to stand by Adrian and what she wants. This home means too much for me to make that decision without her consent.

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