David Parnes: Working with the Altman Brothers Is Never Dull

David explains why he found the negotiations to be rather fun.

Never a dull moment when working with the Altman Brothers! While LA is a considered a large city, it’s a rather small town, and it’s completely vital that we play well with others in the real estate market. I would never want to burn a bridge or deny any client a showing based on the person selling the property. When James told me about Tim's requirements, I knew Josh's Hillside listing would be perfect for him--provided it could be bought for the right price!


Anyone who prices a property for $8.6m and then reduces it by over $600,000 within a week has already exposed their seller as being borderline desperate. We read this correctly and managed to get a great property for our client for a good price--over $1.2 million less than the original asking price! The best part was that the negotiations were fun for everyone! I mean, I do have to give props to Josh for making it rain with a money gun...that was hilarious!

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