Cast Blog: #MDLMIA

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Chad's No Part Time Agent

Chad Thinks Chris Has a Crush on Him

Chad says there was no compeition for him for Marina Palms -- least of not from Sam.

I honestly didn't feel like there was any competition for me for the Marina Palms listing. I have done tons of deals with Michael and more deals in the area than any other broker in Miami. It's was a no-brainer for him.

Sam didn't have the slightest chance going up against me. She has no experience in pre-construction and has never done a sale in Miami. That says it all in a nutshell. I wasn't kidding when I said I would quit the business if she beat me out.

Working with Chris was a shockingly pleasant experience. We both had the same goal in mind -- and that was to sell and sell quickly. We have completely different selling approaches but it worked to our advantage.

It wasn't my first time in a spa and it didn't surprise me Chris was nude. I definitely think he has a crush on me.

There is a lot of pressure to perform. At the end of the day I knew we would pull it off but it's always nerve-racking at crunch time.

Sam waiting in the office is actually pathetic and shows how desperate she really is. She clearly has no other clients to worry about and can afford to spend her entire day waiting around nagging other agents.

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