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Ryan Serhant

Ryan Serhant: For the Record, I Do Not Buy Likes

Well this was an interesting episode. 38 West 87 is one of the coolest properties we filmed this year. It's so cool! From the private gym and wine cellar to all of the outdoor space and fireplaces, it's a very special property and I love that you...
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Ryan: This is ALL Business

I love SoHo, so much, so stylish and exclusive - it's become my home in every way - this is where I work, this is where I live, this place represents me. I went into my listing meeting with an open mind, I knew my seller had lived in this home for...
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Ryan: I Am Not a Magician

What I'm most proud of building these last seven years in the New York City Real Estate business is a dedicated and successful team of individuals that compliment me in every way. What I've seen these last few episodes is the tenacity and aptitude...
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Ryan: I Have the Woman and Apartment of My Dreams

It's hard out here for a Bunny! Yes, I did it, I wore it, and I hope you all enjoyed it. The first thing I learned in real estate is to be specific. Is your offer $1,000,000? Or is it $1,000,000 with a financing contingency, with a 90 day close? I...
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Ryan: I'm a Good Guy and an Even Better Boss

I hope you're enjoying the best season of Million Dollar Listing New York, EVER. Expansion in all ways, never forget your family words like on Game of Thrones: The Deals are COMING! I'm a good guy, and an even better boss. Olivia was an amazing...
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Ryan: Emilia Deserves a Fairy Tale Life

Working as a real estate broker, I tend to remember the timeline of my life in accordance with the deals I've done. For example, if someone asked me what I did in 2010, I would have to think really hard about it. But if I think about the deals I...
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