Fredrik Eklund

Fredrik admits to being arrogant and vows to never go down to Ryan's level—and he’s not talking about real estate.

on Jul 17, 2013

Thanks for watching again. The show is getting more and more intense, and bit darker. Thank God for my little dance-lesson with Derek in advance of our wedding. That scene made me laugh (at myself), and it was a much needed break from the pressure and confrontation.

I want to start by asking a question: what's up with all the cursing? I think Ryan used the f-word five times within 10 minutes of this episode. I have never once used a swearword on this show, because a confident and successful business person shouldn't. Period. I'm surprised and saddened by his language, it seems like the way he talked about women the first season is now the way he talks about gay people? Every time he calls me a name in his interviews and behind my back, it is hurtful. But I will not go down to his level.