Fredrik Eklund

Fredrik explains his high-kicks, apologizes to his staff, and wants to prove the listing machine has returned.

on May 22, 2013

I love the building, and the penthouse. To me it has that perfect blend of old and new. I always say, a developer can build a thousand new condos, but you cannot replicate the history and story of this building. When you buy here, you buy a piece of New York history. Plus, it's very unusual to have VIEWS like this in Soho, Noho, Nolita, because the entire area has a height restriction. So to be able to have dinner on your own private 1,500 square foot planted terrace, grilling in that outdoor kitchen, in pink dusk, looking out over the city and all it's glorious landmarks -- that's the money. THAT is going to sell it. At least I thought so. . .

And I created a dinner for the top brokers. I hired a private chef, who grilled shrimp in the kitchen up there. It was a little chilly, but I was lucky with the weather (and some good white wine). And I was a bit sneaky; I pushed these brokers against each other, and told them that only one of them was going to sell it and only time would tell who would be the quickest. Real estate is all about creating a moment, inventing urgency, and then closing on the deal while that wave of interest exists.

My plan panned out. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! With a little help from Buddha and meditating. Ross was ecstatic, and I love when a client gives me a big smile. You see, I am not really driven by commissions (they come and go) but to have my clients tell all there friends about me and how great I am. That is how you build a career to last a life-time. Seeing Ross so happy made me happy.