Fredrik Eklund

Fredrik shares his brother’s moving wedding toast revealing that our Swedish shark has some magic up his sleeve.

on Jul 24, 2013

At least he told me so one day.

When he was five and I was eight, he said that from now on he didn't want me to call him "my little brother" anymore -- but "my little witch."

He also started dressing in black. His favorite piece of clothing became a black pointed hat.

It was a fascinating transformation to see a five-year old telling people about their future. And some grown-ups thought it was strange when he walked up to other children in kindergarten and said to them: "you are going to be successful" or "you are not going to be successful."

I don't know if I ever truly believed any of this, and as we grew older, one would think this witch-business would stop -– but instead it intensified. I remember when I came to visit him in his first office at his first company. We walked around, and then he said that the witch inside him had told him that I should invest in the company.

I didn't.

In the end, he moved to New York.