Fredrik Eklund

Fredrik shares his brother’s moving wedding toast revealing that our Swedish shark has some magic up his sleeve.

on Jul 24, 2013

It was very exciting for me to visit him there for the first time. I remember one morning. He had woken up before me and was standing on the balcony, by himself, overlooking the city. And I watched him from behind –- it suddenly struck me. He is not a witch.

He is a wizard!

He doesn't foresee the future -- he creates it. If you think about it, it's true.

Only a wizard can move to New York with 60 dollars and a pair of sneakers -- and become the top broker in the city. Only a wizard can want to do a television show -- and become the star of the biggest real estate hit show. Only a wizard can give so much meaning to so many people's lives. Look at the offices in Sweden, where 50 people work because of him. Look at our three children -- how you've made their childhood so special, by taking them on trips, sharing your life with them, showing them that being generous is the best way to live one's life.

It's amazing to watch as the wizard points his magic wand around him. And wherever he points it -- things happen, things change, things come alive.