Fredrik Eklund

Get to know the man behind the high kicks as Fredrik opens up about life in Sweeeeden and falling in love with NYC.

on Jul 8, 2013

Welcome back to Million Dollar Listing New York! I like this episode on 250 Bowery because it reminds me why I got into real estate to begin with -– to set records, create the records, and have people talking. So this week I thought I would tell you who I really am. I mean, where I come from. You might have asked yourself while watching the show -- how did I get here? What did I do before I got into real estate? And where is my drive coming from? I think it's more interesting to use this forum to tell different stories than just to commenting on what you just saw in the episode… Anyway, here it is:

OK, you know I grew up in Sweeeeden, between Norway and Finland in Northern Europe, which is far away from the big and glitzy Manhattan –- and, yes, it’s very cold and dark during the winters. It is not Switzerland (some Americans confuse the two). And there are no ice bears walking around on the streets -- just a bunch of tall, blond people with blue eyes who love vodka, dance the frog dance on Midsummer Eve (intoxicated by the former), build safe cars, design inexpensive furniture you put together yourself, roll out stores with inexpensive clothes all over the world, and write catchy pop-music you love to hate.

I have a three year older brother, Sigge, who is a bestselling writer of books, plays, and films. He is married to Malin and together they have three beautiful kids. They live in central Stockholm and every time I’m with them (it’s never too often), time stops and I’m in bliss. Like this past week out in Fire Island where Derek and I, again, discussed having kids of our own. More on that later.