Fredrik Eklund

Fredrik shares why you need to make business fun, why he invented his signature move, and how you can do it too.

on Jun 5, 2013

It's important to study the art of the high-kick. It isn't really about the kick itself. The kick is a signature for everything I stand for: to be yourself, to stick out, be the top of your game, and doing it with humor and style. So here the art of the high-kick comes:

Start by standing still. Both feet on the ground and arms relaxed. The high-kick always comes unexpectedly with great energy, and is in contrast to everything else around you which is planned, forced and static, and therefore it's important you do it from a relaxed pose. Then practice by raising your leg up, at first bended in a 45' angle, and then higher up, ending with a straight leg. Now it's important to also straighten your toe, and then keep this pose for a few seconds. Learn how to balance yourself with a straight leg and straight toe. Yes, you will laugh -- that's the POINT! -- and anyone watching you will laugh too. Especially if you are a big, broad-shouldered guy like me.

When you can control that slow kick, you need to add your hands. Pretend you are a T-rex, with angled hands downwards, then kick, and make a sound effect. I like the "Weeeee" with a light Michael Jackson-voice. You can also finish off with a crazy face after the sound effect, like it's an attack on your enemy. Show your teeth.