Fredrik Eklund

Fredrik thinks that real estate can make you go crazy -- and the thinks that might have already happend to Luis.

on Jun 11, 2013

To fight or not to fight in real estate -- that is the question

Let’s face it: real estate can make you go crazy. The greedy seller, the cheap buyer, the deal-breaking attorney, the ridiculously conservative bank appraisal, the aggressive co-broking agent and even. . .the damn economy. They will all be out to get you at times. Wherever you go there is a fire to be put out. Even in your sleep. You can never rest and you can never really guarantee a successful outcome of anything real estate-related. You are constantly fighting and when you don't -- you are stuck in quicksand and can't move.

Sounds scary? Yes, it is to a lot of people. I've seen many promising agents get out of the business because of the uncertainty -- and friction -- of it all. It does get better with experience, but the fundamentals of real estate sales will not change: it's an erratic ride. You will fall to the ground a lot, and in the first couple of years it will be hard to pick yourself up (because no one else will) and dust yourself off. But you need to get back in the saddle again and start over. And over. And over. It sucks, it hurts, it can be humiliating and it can even cost you money. But you know what? It does slowly get better.

This episode is a good example of exactly this.