Luis D. Ortiz

Luis warns Ryan not to step on him and reflects on NYC's resilience after Hurricane Sandy.

on May 15, 2013

When Hurricane Sandy landed in New York City, my life and everybody else's stopped completely. No power, no water, no food, no telephone, no internet, no business, no friends. Every man for himself. Thank god I have my brother with me at all times. I'm very fortunate. I'm a positive person so I tried my best to have fun during the hurricane, of course. I was happy that the only neighbor left in the building was an extremely beautiful Allison, who I had a great time with (Thank you for making my hurricane chapter a bit more interesting).  

For eight days the city of New York was paralyzed. It almost felt like it was not going to end, and, if it did, it felt as if the city was going to take forever to get back on it's feet. I did what I could to help. I bought coffee and food for the workers that were helping repairing the city. I needed to make sure they knew we all appreciate their help.

After Sandy, the market of downtown Manhattan changed. Buyers were skeptical of buying anywhere south of 14th Street and that affected my chances of selling my listing at 15 Broad. But like anything in life, you learn and move on to bigger and better.

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