Luis D. Ortiz

Luis explains why he can still learn something from the Lispenard debacle, and why Arthur meant so much to him.

on Jun 5, 2013

It was very tough not being able to deliver on time for Jasmit, the co-owner of 50 Lispenard -- not because I didn't get the listing (sometimes you win, sometimes you lose), but because I wasn't able to get to the finish line, which to me was getting that one apartment sold. As much as I tried to get a second chance, it didn't work. Jasmit moved on and hired Fredrik. However, I'm very proud of the fact that Jasmit even considered giving me a chance knowing that the building next door was doing so well with Fredrik as the broker. That means that somewhere along the lines, he wanted to believe in me and I'm sure he still does. But it's just business and I understand that. That's good enough for me.

Jasmit hiring Fredrik, presented an extraordinary opportunity for me. Instead of focusing on frustrating myself because of the fact that I wasn't able to get the listing, I have the opportunity to follow the process of what Fredrik is doing with the building I couldn't sell and learn what I missed at first to make sure I don't miss it again the future. I respect what he does and I want to learn how he does it. That's why I invited Fredrik to meet me for a drink. If I am close enough with the process once he's done with the building, it will be like I sold it myself. That's worth more than commissions.