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Fredrik's Sharknado of Lies

Luis: I'm Evolving Every Day

Fredrik: I Wish I Deserved Luis' Friendship

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Ryan is Humbled But Always On the Hunt

Fredrik: Who I Really Am

Fredrik's Sharknado of Lies

Ryan says what he really thinks about Fredrik's bad business practices and his co-lister's motivation issues.

I feel like this should be my shortest blog entry because, well, it's all been laid out for you.

Let's start at the beginning: the 250 Bowery broker party or as I remember it -- the "Sharknado of Lies." I arrived ready to do deals with Mr. Eklund, having gone through his ritualistic purging by double date and high kick fire. My snap kick has a little more extension than Fredrik's but I guess that's not the point. I even brought my team of hungry agents with even more clients ready to do deals. Right away he pours it on me; over 30 percent markup from what was originally discussed. What I still want to know is: Why did Fredrik do this to me? Because I jumped in his pool after he made fun of me numerous times in front of my clients? Seriously?

In any business, the games Fredrik decided to play in this last episode would be frowned upon. I couldn't convince John to back out of 250 Bowery, and like I've said from the beginning, I will do whatever it takes for my client. What needs to be put into question are the ethics used to sell a project that would have sold-out with or without Fredrik Eklund.

By the time I got to the Elliman board room I knew that this would get ugly. Just the look on his face as he wrapped around me from behind was swift and silent like a snake. John wanted this to get done but unfortunately I had to make peace with my wicked-stepmother first. The signs of a good compromise are that no one is happy in the end so I took my parting shots. Whether he's spilling green tea or venom; it's all the same color. In this business you have to be ready to get down and dirty for your team and your clients. That's what I did; I took on the mean kid and exposed his real nature for the whole world to see.

On the other side of town, way uptown, Luis sold his clients the movie set of Saw Six: Let's play a Game in Harlem. Just where'd I want to live; an abandoned, structurally unsound church. To each their own. I wish his clients nothing but the best with their upcoming housewarming and exorcism party.

Finally, I listed a beautiful 15 million dollar penthouse with Nest Seekers broker Jill! Jill is new to the business, so I was happy to co-list with her when my CEO Eddie asked me to help her out. She's a fun-loving person and hard worker, so I was very excited to list such a massive apartment with her. 15 million dollar penthouse and just starting in the game!?! I mean, common, how awesome is that!

Until next week, you should appreciate life and all those special people who make it worth living. This is a game, and I'm just getting started. In every situation, every interaction, there is a lesson to be learned. I appreciate you and hope to see you soon, right here on my side of the fence. Come on over to me; I've got free Wi-Fi and air conditioning. I'll miss you -- Tweet me @ryanserhant or follow me on Facebook at RyanSerhant and Instagram @ryan_serhant.

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Fredrik: I Wish I Deserved Luis' Friendship

Fredrik opens up about filming a Reunion, his baby plans, what he learned about Ryan, and where he stands with Luis now.

Filming a Reunion was a first for me. It was very intense, and long, with tears, disagreements, some laughter too, and an opening to understanding the other two guys. I am so happy we got to do it, to actually sit with Andy and take a good look back at this year and each other. I also got to look at myself, my relationship, and my own actions. You see, we film for so many months and then we watch it like you guys do, and I get proud, I get sad, I get happy, I have so many emotions I never voice, until the Reunion. And that felt good.

Opening up on our baby issue was tough but we are working through it. Derek is my rock and we do understand each other more now, partly because of the show.

Discussing my past with Ryan was healing. Getting to know Emilia was maybe the best part of it all for me because it makes me understand Ryan so much more, and I am interested in getting to know him more. We are so totally different, our styles couldn't be more opposite and that's OK too, actually kind of interesting. I really don't dislike him anymore and I'm starting to understand his humor more.

And then Luis. . .I wish I could deserve his friendship. I wish he wouldn't have said the things he did, and seen my sides of things. I wish I had a different way of communicating with him. I wish I wouldn't have lost his trust a long time ago. I wish I was better on apologizing. For now we will move in different directions. I will be cautious and guarded and then we will see. I do wish him the best with everything, I truly do, and it was hurtful to see him cry like that, but also beautiful I think. I have told him that after the Reunion, and that he should be proud to be able to open up like that.

When it comes to the future I am excited -- excited for my offices in Europe, my team in New York, the almost two dozen new development projects I have coming. My clients. I am even excited to have a baby, one day, soon. I'm not giving up! And then I'm excited for the future of this show. . .

Until then I want to thank all of you for watching. Doing this show has been the most difficult, but rewarding thing I have ever done. Your support and love for us three makes it worth it all. And fun. Thanks to the network for believing in us and making us look so good at what we do (and handsome!). #Weeeee

Now I'm going to celebrate with a high-kick and dinner with Derek and my family visiting from Sweden. Follow me on Instagram (@fredrikeklundny) until I see you on my TV screen again xoxoxo and thanks again.

Much love,
Fredrik your crazy loving meatball

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