Ryan Serhant

Ryan discusses his frisky client, and why he sides with Fredrik in the fight with Luis.

on Jun 11, 2013

"No MORE free dimple!" -- Ryan Serhant

Ladies and gentleman, welcome back to the greatest show on Earth. It might as well be the circus but actually it's really just my life! What did you think? The tension sure is building up thick between Fredrik and Luis! Before I sink my claws into that whole situation, let's first explore the hidden dangers of being so pretty.

Barbara and her husband were amazing clients -- just a wonderful, family oriented couple from Idaho. For a few weeks, we were like ripe potatoes rolling around in one big sack. Many of the other great places that Barbara and I got to look at together didn't make the show, but trust me when I tell you we made the rounds around town. You can have so much fun with someone like Barbara! I knew Barbara was a serious client, but at first, I wasn't completely sure about her intentions. . .

I, for one, love to flirt. I'm still in my 20s -- but in dealing with a client, I'll almost never initiate that kind of dialogue. However, if that's the vibe your client is giving you, well, go with it, because it's all about keeping everyone comfortable and receptive. If we're all on the same frequency, it's just easier to communicate -- that's why I was so happy to sit down with Barbara in the end and hug it all out. A big part of keeping your clients happy is getting the deal done. Not to toot my own horn, but showing them the townhouse was a great idea! For a family coming from Idaho to New York City for the first time, a townhouse is much more like a home than any apartment.