Ryan Serhant

Ryan reflects on this season and further introduces the important clip he played in the finale.

on Jul 31, 2013

Welcome back to my final blog post of Million Dollar Listing New York Season 2! Time really does fly when you're having fun, and I must say that I owe it all to my fans -- to all of YOU! You've all become a part of me and this whole experience has allowed me to reflect on life in a way that not many get to experience. You've witnessed my successes and highs, but you have also seen me battle my frustrations and fears. So thank you for being a part of this journey and allowing me to grow from my experiences. (I may not be the first to admit it, but I too still have some learning to do.)

So let's get right down to it. . .

The one thing I would change about tonight’s episode is the speech I gave at the open house, which was cut down drastically. Here is the speech I gave, in full:

"Given the apartment we're in, the emphasis on videos, etc., I'd like to show you a scene from a very special movie. Some of you have probably seen this -- most of you haven't.

The scene, which is from a popular cult classic that transcends generations, is very timely, today, in this room of brokers.

The best way I can describe it--– is that it’s about a bunch of guys living in a hole. A hole that breeds envy and betrayal, and yet the men involved, whose tight bonds and hard tools keep them together, provide for each other and satisfy their needs -– just like us in this room.