Ryan Serhant

Ryan explains that he did it all (even high kicks) for the deal, and disapproves of Fredrik's price raising practices.

on Jul 10, 2013

Wine and Cheese Party

Hey-o!  How are you doing?  Did you have a spectacular 4th of July?  I can tell that you missed me—it's understandable.  Episode 9 has come and gone, and I must say it was just as painful to experience the second time around.  I ask my flock to bear with me as we discuss in detail the dramatic ups and downs of this humbling episode for me on Million Dollar Listing New York.  In my defense, sharks in the same tank aren't expected to be friends because they feed on the same prey.  I am a hunter first, a good one, who takes pride in his craft. 

250 Bowery served up an opportunity for Fredrik to wreak some havoc in my life.  Well played sir; you had your fun.  My client John wanted 250 Bowery, or at least an opportunity at it.  John buys many apartments with me, and once again, my client's happiness was my number one priority.  The New York City power broker community is a small one, so I knew I would eventually cross paths with the Viking.  Fredrik Eklund is very good at what he does; which you'd expect from someone who's been doing it for so long.  I've been making great strides in solidifying my own name in this business.  Like two aggressive, big horned rams, sometimes the only way to settle the score is a head-on collision.