Ryan Serhant

Ryan defends his fratty past and discusses Fredrik's desire for a prenup.

on Jun 26, 2013

Did you miss me? My money is on yes. This is a much calmer world than the one we left behind last episode of Million Dollar Listing New York.

I hope you enjoyed watching me get floured and wearing that inappropriate scarf. We live, we learn, and we watch TV. I was so happy for my Venezuelan client and broker. I think I may have let the enthusiasm get the best of me. But we got it done! At that time I was still thinking about how Russian Surgei had screwed me, and I was still very upset. In an emotional business like this, you put it all on the line and sometimes you get used, but it never feels good. One Beacon Court was such a stressful time in my life. Mark’s constant barking and pressure reminded me a lot of college foolishness.

So we liked flour? So what? When you're 18 years old it doesn't sound like a bad idea. A decade later I appreciate the importance of people and great relationships. For a $6.9 million sale, I'll take the flour, the wall squats, and the push-ups any day! It turns out that I work out religiously and have a great dry cleaner.