Fredrik Eklund

Fredrik discusses the importance of his social media presence, and how he always knew about his future daughter "Milla."

on May 1

My new listing at 101 Warren is such an incredible apartment in one of the best buildings downtown. Iconic is the word. The views are insane, I mean really insane. You can see all the way to Sweden from the wrap-around terrace with 30' ceilings! Hiiii mom! Can you see me waiving?

Now, there are a couple of things that are very interesting about this and the next episode. The deal at 101 Warren is a lot of things:

- a record for the building (almost twice the blended average)
- a record for me in time (I sell it in less than a day, quickest deal of my career), actually before it's listed
- I used social media to sell it.
- I represent both buyer and seller.
- I negotiate the furniture (which is really tricky which you are about to find out).

There is a comment I make in this episode I want to explain a little: it's not easy setting records everywhere because clients expect more records and even higher prices. Over and over again. I have marketed myself as the top record setting broker, because it's true, and sometimes it haunts me. Yes. I mean, I love setting records and in a market that is going up I've been able to do better than anyone by helping my clients set record after record, and I do perform well under pressure, but these days when clients call me they think I'm a magician.

On the topic of magic, let's talk about Milla. My friends laugh at me because I have always knows I would have a little daughter, and I already know her name. Milla with two ls. Now with Derek, and us being married, I'm so excited to share this dream with you. And him of course. To start a family. I just never thought it would be on Bravo. Maybe I can ask Andy Cohen to be Godfather?