Fredrik is glad that Ryan is mean to everyone (not just him), but he sees his good sides too.

Apr 23

Hiiiiii and thanks for watching! 11 North Moore is a beautiful new construction project in TriBeCa, with 18 units. The total sell-out is $185,000,000 and the developer is Zach Vella. Sometimes in new development land, in which I consider myself the king, you have to be creative and sell out of someone's home. . .Zach's home.

The scale model helped a lot, with its architectural details and the ability to light up units with an iPad. The price? $100,000! Yes, that's over $3,000/square inch! LOL. I didn't get a finished kitchen and bathroom, but I got the perfect Ken-house to play with.

I'm really proud of my team and I'm glad you now are getting to know each team member little-by-little. They all work so hard, but we also have a lot of fun (when I'm not pushing them too hard). We made over $3 million in commission in ten days, and that's what I call Eklund Perfection. Team Perfection!