Fredrik Eklund

Fredrik is happy he got to see Luis and Ryan opens up, but warns us that there is darkness in the episodes ahead.

on May 21

First I want to say I learned more about Luis and Ryan in this episode. Finally I got to see both Luis and Ryan emotional on a personal level. And I like it! As much as we disagree, it's always nice to take a peek under the real estate armor we always wear. The first step to a friendship is a better understanding of who they really are -- outside of our industry and deal making. It's not always easy to open up to people we love in general, and then to do it in real time in front of the cameras is as scary as its freeing (I think). So kudos to them, for that.

20 Greene Street penthouse is probably my favorite apartment listing this season. I mean, they are all my babies, but this one is like a dream -- and a dream I have for me and Derek and the puppies and little Milla one day to have. It's massive, in Soho, with incredible renovations, outdoor space and VIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWS to die for.

Now, Steve the seller is a good friend of mine. He is real tough, likes to sit close and punch my baby cheeks, but he is a sweetheart and he knows what he is doing. He is a money making flipper and he is good at it. From $9.7 million to $15 million in 10 months! Wait!?! That appreciation has a lot to with ME! I put my foot down and told him to buy it! I saw the potential with him last year, and now I'm ready to set a record. Call me when you are ready to make money honey!