Luis D. Ortiz

Luis explains what he learned this season, how he can now relate to his fellow agents, and why this season was worth it.

on Jun 26

This reunion was very important and I'm glad we had it. It made me see everyone's point of view and made me realize that is not about being right or wrong because we were all right and wrong. What matters is that our intentions came from the best of places. There are always two sides of the coin and in any argument one must see that. I did tonight. Ryan has always carried a wall in front of him to protect himself from what he is so afraid of running into; disappointments, betrayal and being taken advantage of, but, In the end, we can all see how great of a guy he really is. Fredrik also. Fredrik, just wants to be understood and loved.

He genuinely wants to help others. But he also wants to make sure the people he is helping are aware that he is being helpful. He wants to feel appreciated.
That's his own way. What really matters is that he really means well.

After tonight, I promise that I will try my best to make an effort to understand other peoples points of view, with an open mind, before entering into a battle. Of course, I must always be careful.

One thing is clear, we will never stop disagreeing, arguing and fighting with each other because we're competitive. It's our competitive edge which brings out the best in us and I'm sure we all will agree to that. It stimulates our crazy minds. We wouldn't be around each other if we didn't have that. That's what makes us better. We are three highly passionate individuals who came from very different upbringings and are fighting like crazy deadly warriors to achieve everything we can while we are able to. We just want to be the best. And for us, being the best is not measured by money.

When men lie together in lust, it is a surrender to the passions, and does nothing for the excellence in us, nor does any other, jealousy among them, but when men lie together and knowledge and virtue are pass between them, that is pure, and excellent when they compete to bring out the good, the best in each other, this is the love between men, that can build the city state and lift us from our frog pond. -- Aristotle