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Tomorrow Is a New Day for Luis

Luis reflects on on getting fired and how proud of himself he is for not letting Ryan ruffle his feathers.

This episode made me so angry, so proud, so sad, but, at the same time, so happy that I able to be a part of such an incredible ride.

At first it made me angry because it reminded me of the moment Ryan came to my 30 Lincoln Plaza event, which I put so much work into, and almost destroyed every effort I made to build an incredibly important relationship with Janet and The Milstein Family.

Later, I felt proud of the way I reacted to the situation because I was able to keep my cool and did not allow anything to get in the way of the bigger picture. In the end, the event was a huge success.

Allow me to tell you the story behind 30 Lincoln Plaza. This deal, whether or not it sold, has been the biggest accomplishment of my career and I'll tell you why: It all started when I was doing research for a client of mine who was looking to buy an apartment on the Upper West Side. While I was studying the inventory I found out that this particular building, 30 Lincoln Plaza -- owned by Milstein Properties, was recording closed sales every other week, yet there was never anything listed for sale. That made me curious. . .If units in the building never appeared on the MLS, yet every week there was a new recorded sale, someone must have been selling quietly. For more than a month, I called persistently to get an appointment with any of the executives of the company to introduce myself as someone who wanted to do business with them and to give them a reason why should they consider doing business with me. The Milstein family is one of the most powerful real estate families in the nation and that's what really motivated me.

Eventually I got an appointment with Janet, the CAO of Milstein Properties. While I was preparing myself for that meeting, I found out that the organization has never given an exclusive agreement to any broker in history, because they have always used an on-staff group of brokers to sell their apartments for them. They have never needed any outside brokers like me. I knew I needed to give them a legitimate reason why they should, for the first time, agree to sign with an exclusive broker. On Episode 3 you saw my success in making that happen; I promised Janet I would bring her $800,000 more than their in house staff could. To be quite honest, I believe I can and I promise I won't rest until I do.

At the end of the episode, I got fired. It wasn't a good feeling. Looking back at it, I remember how I felt -- like my throat was swallowing itself. It killed me, it really did. Especially because I still had two more months left on my agreement and I strongly believed I was close to finding the right buyer for them. But what really destroyed me was that I wasn't able to prove myself the way I knew I would to to one of the most important people in New York City real estate. With families like that, you only have one shot. And the only one I had, which took a big fight to even earn, was not successful.

Janet is all business and to tell you the truth, I respect that so much. Because in the end it only comes down to what you can bring to the table. Like it or not that's the way it is.

I know that in the future something great will come out of it because in the end everything always works out. But for now, I'm going to need some time to analyze.

Tomorrow is a new day.

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Fredrik: Buyers and Most Brokers Don't Have a Vision

Fredrik explains how difficult it is to sell an unfinished property.

I love townhouses. I just adore everything about them. The history, the cobblestone streets, the brick facades, the multiple fireplaces, the gardens, the rooftops, the separation between floors and with that, the winding staircase in the heart of the house. The private elevators! The perfect townhouse is old, yes very old, but with brand new interiors. That perfect blend between old and new is what everyone wants. Especially in the West Village! And that's where the record breaking Fredrik - ME - comes into the picture (or should I say viewfinder). I advise my clients on what kind of finishes to pick to be able to set a new price level never seen before, yes that's my expertise.

The only problem, or let's say challenge, is that buyers (and most brokers) don't have a vision. So how do you sell something unfinished in the cold raw New York winter? Well, that seems to be the story of my life. I will have it added to my gravestone after I'm dead: "Fredrik Eklund, the guy who tried to sell the unfinished. RIP." Please leave lots of flowers.

Digital renderings are great because they can help bridge the gap between the raw space and the finished space. I put the renderings into viewfinders and the clients clicked through each room! It actually worked! But not all the way. Still no offer, even after that huge (expensive) lavish party for 400 brokers at the hottest restaurant in the Meatpacking District. Well, in my defense...anyone paying $22.5M wants to see a little more, no?

You will have to wait to and see what happens with the townhouse. I'm really, really proud of this one is all I can say. The New York Times listed the house as the biggest deal in their paper!

...Okay? Are you ready for more? Good, because it's coming. Big kiss for now and see you next week. The 2nd part of Season 4 is officially about to start and it's going to get real bumpy - in the best of ways. Xo


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