Luis D. Ortiz

Luis reflects on on getting fired and how proud of himself he is for not letting Ryan ruffle his feathers.

on Apr 24

Eventually I got an appointment with Janet, the CAO of Milstein Properties. While I was preparing myself for that meeting, I found out that the organization has never given an exclusive agreement to any broker in history, because they have always used an on-staff group of brokers to sell their apartments for them. They have never needed any outside brokers like me. I knew I needed to give them a legitimate reason why they should, for the first time, agree to sign with an exclusive broker. On Episode 3 you saw my success in making that happen; I promised Janet I would bring her $800,000 more than their in house staff could. To be quite honest, I believe I can and I promise I won't rest until I do.

At the end of the episode, I got fired. It wasn't a good feeling. Looking back at it, I remember how I felt -- like my throat was swallowing itself. It killed me, it really did. Especially because I still had two more months left on my agreement and I strongly believed I was close to finding the right buyer for them. But what really destroyed me was that I wasn't able to prove myself the way I knew I would to to one of the most important people in New York City real estate. With families like that, you only have one shot. And the only one I had, which took a big fight to even earn, was not successful.

Janet is all business and to tell you the truth, I respect that so much. Because in the end it only comes down to what you can bring to the table. Like it or not that's the way it is.

I know that in the future something great will come out of it because in the end everything always works out. But for now, I'm going to need some time to analyze.

Tomorrow is a new day.