Ryan Serhant

Ryan focuses on the two big positives in this week's episode -- making the deal and hearing from Emilia.

on May 14

La La Land!!!

This episode is hilarious. I don't remember saying half the things I said about LA, but they are all ridiculous.

I am quite the fish out of water in LA. I look like everyone's Dad with my full suit, tie, and grey hair. I had no idea what I was getting into when I flew out there. And who knew you could get such an amazing house with a pool and those views for $3.5M!?! That's a two-bedroom with no view in NYC that probably needs work.

In LA, no one really cares about comps, logic, or reason. It's crazy. That said -- there are some pretty amazing houses. I spent more time there than you see on the show, so I had time to see other houses and really get a feel for the city. I know it seems like I don't like LA, but by the end of my trip, I LOVED it. That's why we opened an office out there and why I have expanded my team there! Follow my team on Instagram @theserhantteamlosangeles!!!!