Cast Blog: #MDLNY

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Ryan is Humbled But Always On the Hunt

Fredrik: Who I Really Am

Ryan: I Played a Cartoon

Ryan thinks what he did to Fredrik pales in comparison to what Fredrik did to him, and 

Welcome back!

If you thought you were going to see the amazing commercial for my penthouse listing at the Sky Garage building, you will just have to wait! Construction can take a long time -- often longer than expected -- and that is something I have to deal with a lot. Timing is everything with sales, and knowing when to market a property is sometimes more important than knowing how to market a property. But I won't leave you hanging! This story isn't finished so stay tuned through the season to see what happens!

In the meantime, we welcome 225 5th Avenue. I LOVE this building. It's in NoMad, one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city that stands for North of Madison Square Park. I also LOVE this story, and not for the reasons you may think.

My team and I sell a lot of apartments, but most people think that I'm the one personally selling them all. That's not true, and it's frankly impossible! Over the last few years as my business has grown, I have built a team of amazing agents who work with me to sell real estate. For the sale of 225 5th, Linda, one of the smartest and best agents I've ever met, has asked me to help her get a listing. I am able to do more business with a quality team, and this is a perfect example of how that happens.

Unfortunately, the apartment doesn’t have the best views. That said, it's a great space that I knew would be perfect for the right person. I said timing is important right? Having the open house at night turned out to be the best time to show that apartment EVER, because it helped get the deal done.

As for my scene with Fredrik, I had apologized to him prior to that evening already, so I assumed he was just trying to provoke me in front of Emilia. Knowing that, I chose to take the high road and not really engage him.

I said this last year, and I will say it again, all I did was play a cartoon! If you watched the full episode, you saw that I played a cartoon. Fredrik tarnished my relationship with one of my biggest clients, on purpose. I played a cartoon. The end.

This is only the beginning though. Keep coming back for more!

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