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Million Dollar Listing New York

Real Men Wear Pink…Tutus

S5/EP11 | Aired:
June 30, 2016
Ryan lands a building in Hell's Kitchen, forcing him to trade in his suit for a more unique outfit. An open house challenges Luis to think about his future. Meanwhile, Fredrik goes to London to try and sell 25% of his new development. (54:26)
Million Dollar Listing New York

Take A Walker

S5/EP9 | Aired:
June 16, 2016
Fredrik confronts a competitive broker who's circling his $30 million penthouse like a vulture. Luis tries anything to help sell his listing. Ryan lands a listing that previously let go of another broker and to his delight, that broker was Fredrik. (43:24)
Million Dollar Listing New York

Tug of Warhol

S5/EP6 | Aired:
May 25, 2016
For a new development in NoHo, Fredrik wigs out and summons the spirit of a dead icon. Luis aims to chase down one of New York City's biggest developers. In the Flatiron District, Ryan picks up a penthouse with a difficult price tag and co-lister. (43:24)
Million Dollar Listing New York


S5/EP12 | Aired:
July 7, 2016
Luis hopes to land a new building, while also trying to figure out what's been confusing him for the last few months. Ryan goes after the one listing that got away from him this year. Fredrik tries to sell his building on two separate continents (01:05:00)
Million Dollar Listing New York

Windows To Your Sale

S5/EP10 | Aired:
June 23, 2016
Luis faces an emotional crossroads and considers an unexpected path with his business. Downtown, Fredrik tries to cash in on a NoHo loft. In Tribeca, Ryan tries to succeed where Fredrik couldn't....unfortunately, he may face the same gloomy fate. (43:24)
Million Dollar Listing New York

No Moore Mr. Nice Guy

S5/EP8 | Aired:
June 8, 2016
Luis lands a listing with a former broker who helped launch his career. Fredrik struggles to sell a penthouse in Tribeca for 30 million. In East Village, Ryan tries to save his skin after showing too much of someone else's in a marketing campaign. (43:24)

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