Chad Rogers

Chad Rogers talks about making time for hard work and his relationship.

on Aug 21, 2008

Victoria listens to me talk about work all of the time! We go to events constantly because being social is how I network for my business. Although Victoria is very supportive of me and deals with my crazy work schedule, sometimes I need to remember how important it is for us to have quality time together. On the weekends, we might take a drive down the coast with Starla (our long haired Chihuahua) to get breakfast, or we might have a special date night planned. If we are both too tired to go out we will stay at home and watch Law and Order reruns -- on Bravo of course!

I have to set aside time for us and not think about work. I know how important it is to focus on our relationship. In episode 3 after I closed the Suzan Hughes Malibu lease, Victoria and I checked into the Viceroy Palm Springs and celebrated our one-year anniversary. It was very romantic and we had a blast! We booked massages, hung out by the pool, and had a candlelit dinner.