Devoted Angeleno Josh Flagg Despises This One Thing About L.A.

The Million Dollar Listing agent says, "The last 10 years, it just got really bad."

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles agent Josh Flagg is one seriously dedicated Los Angeleno. He's a fourth-generation resident of the city, and L.A. is so deeply ingrained in his bones that it's unlikely he'd ever pick up and move anywhere else. "I have no desire to ever leave," he told Jet Set. "I love the city."

And it's not just the palm-tree lined streets, celebrity-studded hills, and the impeccable dining and shopping options that keep him in town either. It's work, of course. "I would never leave Los Angeles because my business is there, and I can't change that," he said. And he's not kidding: He has more than $2 billion in sales — let that sink in — under his bespoke belt.

While he said it would be hard to pick a favorite thing about the city he loves so much — he admits "there's very little he doesn't like about L.A." — there is just one thing that makes it hard to live and work in the sprawling region.

Have you guessed it yet?

Yup, even though Josh scoots around town in better cars than most residents, he's not immune to the traffic that so many Angelenos consider such a blight on an otherwise idyllic way of life.

"It used to be when you were a kid you could — there was no traffic," he said, perhaps casting a rosy glow over the memory. "I don't know what happened. It was like all of a sudden — like the last 10 years it just got really bad."

Anyone who lives in this town — let alone drives around the congested westside as much as Josh — knows the feeling.

Ugh, Angelenos — can he get an amen?!

— Reporting by Laura Rosenfeld

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