Josh Flagg

It's Chad vs. Josh! Josh Flagg tells his side of the story.

on Sep 10, 2008

Is it just me, or did this season of Million Dollar Listing fly by? I really enjoyed the Season Finale and that the episode displayed a huge moment for each of us in our career.

The blow up with Chad was unavoidable and of course something outrageous had to go down before the season was out. The disappointing part of the situation for me is that every time Chad brought up the name Ron Richards, he would never tell me how I knew him. I always asked, "How do I know him?" and Chad would refuse to answer the question, which made me feel like he was making it all up. Why else wouldn't he answer the question of how do I know him? All Chad had to do was tell me that I had met Ron at an open house and we exchanged emails 3 years ago, but instead Chad decided to withhold that information and throw a bunch of old emails in my face at a time when he hoped he could embarrass me the most. Well, it didn't embarrass me.