Josh Flagg

It's Chad vs. Josh! Josh Flagg tells his side of the story.

on Sep 10, 2008

When you meet as many people as I do as an agent, you can't be expected to remember every person that emails you about a house. Chad showed with his actions that he truly has no integrity - he neglected to behave in a rational way and simply tell me the truth in the situation. After watching this episode, I feel that Chad's actions were in poor taste. After reading his blog and his continued attacks on me, I think it is obvious to everyone that he is just a petty and jealous poor soul. Instead of writing a chapter on me, maybe he should focus on selling a house. In fact, I am happy - in the final episode, Chad finally did sell a house. Congrats! I was not going to write anything about Chad, but I waited to see if he wrote something about me, so I am simply responding to his attacks. Chad, I am sure you are going to read this. Grow up, and stop carrying emails around with you. It is pathetic. If you expected me to remember my email conversations with someone I met all of one time three years ago, then you underestimate the time I have to spend on stupid garbage like this.

On the flip side to that segment of the finale, working with Miguel to find not a house, but a vision, was challenging. This is what most people don't realize and precisely what I love about being a real estate agent - it is not just about finding people a roof to put over their head. It is the ability of finding a place that makes you feel safe and at peace, stimulated and alive. Both the structure of a home and the experience one has while in it is the art of architecture. Like I said in the finale, I don't do it for the money - I absolutely love the art of making a deal. Overall, I was happy with the series and hope the viewers are too.