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Josh Flagg

No More Drama

And there you have it, Season 4! What will happen to Heather and Josh and Madison? Which way will she go? Your guess is as good as mine.  I will say that while Josh may have been upset that I broke the news to Madison about her looking for a...
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Out and Proud

Hi kids, So I loved this episode, because it finally opens up the door to my personal life. If it had been up to Bravo, this would have been done years ago, but because of my own personal insecurities was prolonged until now. So the cat's out of...
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Unsolved Mysteries

Another amazing episode! So it turns out my seller wants to sell the house in Hidden Valley, but wants me to basically stand on the corner with a sign up saying "It's for Sale." I have done everything imaginable to sell the house, and now I just...
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My Autobiography

Wow! What a week. Believe it or not waking up to 37 new emails is really low for me. I was excited to hear from my friend and client, Jason. He is a great client to have, and he is constantly wanting to buy a new house and then move on. The first...
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A Great Challenge

This week was a lot of fun, and I had some experiences that I haven't had before... Selling or leasing commercial real estate is a completely different ball game from residential. I enjoy working with it, but it is by no means my passion. My...
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In Defense of Gimmicks

And they say my gimmicks are cheesy. Well, my properties move and my gimmicks have worked for me for close to seven years. I really don't care what it takes to move a property, I will do it. I am glad we leased out the Readcrest house, because it...
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Double Your Pleasure

  So far this is my favorite episode. First, that ugly guy was who fired Madison was such an a--hole. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if he was wasting Madison's time, because no one who is serious about a property makes one offer and...
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