Kim Kardashian Robbery: Inside the "No Address Hotel" Where the Crime Happened

It was prized among stars like Prince and Madonna for secrecy and security.

Kim Kardashian was staying in a private residence at a property known as the "No Address Hotel” while visiting Paris to attend fashion week. But its mysterious name by no means guaranteed privacy or security in this case — as gunmen were able to overwhelm a concierge to access Kim’s room and do the shocking crime, which included the theft of more than $10 million in jewels.

The lodging, in the Pourtales building, is just around the corner from popular fashion week hotspot Caviar Kaspia and just across the Place Madeleine from rue Cambon, where Chanel is located, according to The Hollywood Reporter

It’s been touted as a place for big-name celebrities to find relative anonymity and privacy; Madonna, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Prince have been guests. And it’s also where Kim and Kanye West stayed as part of their European wedding week. By design, of course, the hotel prizes secrecy and photos of the interior are not widely available. However, some did make their way onto Instagram, and in 2013 a French blog shared several peeks inside.

The historic building has nine apartments. Two are located on the top floor of the building, which has been restored to full modern conveniences.

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Residences include the whopping 3,700-square-foot penthouse, a two-story apartment decorated with art from the greats like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, and Takashi Murakami. There’s a private entrance to the building to help encourage security and safety for its famous visitors.

The apartments range in price from $1,680 all the way up to nearly $17,000 for the penthouse — Kim and Kanye’s preferred lodging, naturally — according to The Hollywood Reporter story.

The building dates back to 1839 and was revamped by Alexandre Allard — he’s the French businss man who also owns shares in Balmain, a well-known Kardashian family favorite fashion house. As well, Allard owns the Royal Monceau Hotel, also located in Paris.

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